Our Work - Turnarounds

Business isn’t always smooth. Companies can find themselves in challenging times for a host of internal and external reasons. When tweaking and incremental improvement aren’t enough, we help lead turnarounds that work.

Turnarounds aren’t merely a matter of financial engineering; nor are they blue-sky strategic exercises. When they succeed, they are about re-shaping what an organization delivers and how.

Leman Group brings to turnarounds the ability to not only manage the immediate tasks of triage and stabilization, but the near-term recovery, and the eventual return to vitality.

While we work with you to create stability in the short term, we understand that the real goal is to set the course for a new, sustainable, and thriving business model. We roll up our sleeves and work across the business to ensure alignment, bring your people through the toughest part of the change, and set things up for success going forward.