Business Model Transformations

Our Work - Business Model Transformations

Many leading organizations are recognizing that their future success lies in a sometimes profound evolution of their business model. This is more than an org change or a new marketing initiative – it is a re-vamp of how the organization delivers its core business (or even what that core business is).

These business model transformations can take many forms: one recent client took six vertical product silos and re-aligned them into a unified, horizontal, functionally-driven enterprise; another recognized that its future lay in taking a dramatically different offering into a completely different market. Some companies re-invent their business models to take advantage of huge new opportunities and drive the next round of growth; others do it to deal with big challenges in their current model, or because shifts in their market that risk leaving them behind if they don’t find a new way forward.

In all of these cases, we bring a proven, lean, and effective method for getting to the crux of what needs to change, and doing the heavy lifting necessary to create and align the business around the new model – because it’s not real until your front line is living it every day.