Outsourcing Execution

Our Work - Outsourcing Execution

Some people (including some consultants), will tell you that successful outsourcing is all about finding the right vendor and signing the right contract. Anyone who’s been through it knows there’s more to it than that.

Successful outsourcing isn’t a transaction – it’s the creation of a new way of doing business that has impacts and implications far beyond the “in-scope” work being outsourced. It’s inviting another organization to become intimately and intricately involved in your business.

Our experience has shown that the best outsourcing arrangements have strong and flexible governance; clarity of scope, process and change; robust operational, escalation, and oversight frameworks; and well-defined boundaries and interfaces.

Our approach to executing outsourcings can reduce risk, minimize disruption and dislocation, keep you in control of what you need to control, and maximize your return.