Technology Implementations

Our Work - Technology Implementations

“One-third of IT projects are cancelled before completion, half exceed budget, one-third are late, two-thirds outright fail.”

- Standish Group, KPMG

Technology is a core business competency for most organizations today. Yet too often technology drives the business rather than the other way around.

We don’t do the routine IT work that organizations should handle internally – regular upgrades, new releases, and so on. We focus on the high-impact / high-risk initiatives that aren’t part of business-as-usual. This can include:

  • Data center migrations
  • New network infrastructure
  • New application development
  • New systems deployment
  • Enterprise-wide transformational IT

We aren’t the technical experts – we understand both business and technology, and lead IT implementations to ensure that the business need is the true driver, not an afterthought.

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