What Others Say About Us

Our Firm - What Others Say About Us

An elder statesman of the business world once told us that “No one hires a brain surgeon out of the Yellow Pages – and no one hires a heart surgeon on price.” Because the mandates we undertake are so critical to our clients, trust and reputation are everything. For almost two decades, we’ve built trusted relationships as the go-to partner for organizations needing to drive to a key objective. Here’s how those who know us describe us:

  • “The most difficult part of acquiring a competitor, or outsourcing part of your operations, or buying cutting-edge new technology comes after the ink is dry on the contract and the lawyers, accountants and consultants have left. Then the focus turns to executing the strategy and bringing it to life. Leman Group fills the gap between signing the deal and reaping the benefits.”

    - The National Post’s feature profile on Leman Group

  • “Leman Group plays at that critical stage, where strategy meets tactics. The challenge is walking into a foreign environment, being able to hit the ground running and knowing what buttons to push to make things happen.”

    - Lee LaRue, Vice President (ret’d), Bell

  • “I feel strongly about the benefit we have derived as an organization from the services provided by your firm. We have some real momentum now, in large measure thanks to the work of your firm…money well spent, in a way that leverages the investment throughout the organization.”

    - Frank D’Onofrio, Assistant Deputy Minister, Government of Ontario