Our Track Record

Our Firm - Our Track Record

When execution is your business, your success is measured by outcomes. Since 1991, we have tackled very diverse challenges: huge problems to turn around; immense opportunities to seize and realize. Across a range of sectors we have built a track record of important wins. Some of these include:

  • Creating a credible turnaround plan to help a client avoid a threatened regulatory shutdown in 30 days.
  • Integrating a $450 million acquisition of an iconoclastic upstart by a big establishment player – and having the cultures strengthen each other rather than collide.
  • Managing a $1.7 billion turnaround with 66 projects in 15 functional areas – and taking the organization from bottom quartile to top of the second quartile worldwide.
  • Consolidating an international bank’s data centres from 15 to two, gaining big operational efficiencies, and improving customer service.
  • Turning around an outsourcing that was in trouble 90 days before transfer, making the transition smooth across dozens of offices over a single weekend.

Today we’re continuing to build on these proven results by delivering new successes for clients seeking critical wins in virtually every sector.