Our Difference

Our Firm - Our Difference

Leman Group isn’t just a little different – we take pride in breaking many of the conventions of the consulting industry. It makes us unlike any other top-tier management consulting firm – and it creates outstanding outcomes, and strong client relationships.

  • Execution is everything.® For us, success isn’t about the report or the final presentation. Success is measured in only one way – delivering real results in the real world. Execution is everything: that’s what we say; that’s what we do.
  • Lean Execution® We field small, high-powered teams – think SWAT team, not an army of consultants. Our Lean Execution® approach is fast, efficient, and delivers better outcomes by avoiding the practice-area silos (and huge teams) that the consulting industry loves.
  • Cookie-cutters are for cookies – not for your business. The answers to your execution challenges are in your organization, not on a shelf in our office. We reject pre-fab solutions and tailor an approach that delivers the results you need in your world.
  • Sustainability – your ongoing advantage We drive change – and then weave it back seamlessly into your day-to-day business. Doing that in a way that enables your organization to sustain the benefits long-term is fundamental to how we work. We don’t want to become part of the furniture in your business – we want you to be successful without us when we’re gone.

Understand how our difference can work for you by learning more about our principles, our work, and the ways we engage.